Killsight (Ace) Breaksight (Ace) Attack Hand+ . Dream Within a Dream+ . ... Wild Card Ace : Blind Stud . 17 notes. Coupled with a prior imperil, Ace's Limit Burst will deal more damage than its … Avail their Step-up summon banners to get summon coins, 5★ Exchange Ticket, and more exciting rewards! Another question: is it worth to farm mats to upgrade bruce coat? Beast Breaker . So this TMR is a slightly weaker version of regular Ace's STMR with base stats. Killer Blade . I also have cecil 6*, wild card ace 6* (with his card weapon) and the new ffrk unit which i dont understand. So this TMR is a slightly weaker version of regular Ace… #fanart #final fantasy type 0 #final fantasy type zero #final fantasy brave exvius #ace #velvelart #ff type 0. Wild Card: Throwing Weapon – ATK +44, MAG +144, MAG+20%. His tricky attacks and sleight of hand deliver his foes a jackpot of pain.Booklet description Ace is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0, who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. Spark Card . Chaining with Kuja, Sol and Umbral Dark fina and no regrets :) Thanks for all the info Misdirection . All rights reserved. Summon Wild Card Ace, Benevolent Beauty Rem, and Celestia with higher rates than usual from 7/9 (end of maintenance) to 7/22 (start of maintenance) PDT! Hello folks, I pulled x2 "random" WC Ace (I pulled hard lolz) and I wanna know what's the most optimal build to get the best out of this unit. HP Charge+ . 少年ゼアノート(KHDR) スライドダッシュ . Increase Phys/Mag Damage against Demon/Machine by 25%. Short Burst+ . dadoc84 3 months ago #3. Ty! Fire Blade (WOTV FFBE) Taunting Blade . ... FFBE ID Revbutt 479462833. Support Hand+ . Kitone : Katon . TMR: Wild Card. © 2020 - FFBESearch - Privacy Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Wild Card: Throwing Weapon – ATK +44, MAG +144, MAG+20%. Any tips? As such, equipping Ace with elemental weapons will imbue Jackpot Shot with their element; it will also benefit from physical killer passives. Class Zero's true wild card, this gentle boy maintains a cool exterior that masks a bit of a reckless streak. Increase Phys/Mag Damage against Demon/Machine by 25%. User Info: dadoc84. Wild Card Ace (lightning, ice) Benevolent Beauty Rem (fire, ice, lightning) Enhanced Sol (fire, dark, light) Selphie (water, earth) Enhanced Elly (fire, wind, earth, water)Thanks :) I finally went with Penelo. ffbe otherwise known final fantasy brave exvius is a rpg pixel gacha adventure based mobile game ... wild card Ace and Ace. Like Wild Card, Jackpot Shot is a physical attack that deals magic damage. Freeze Card . Mobile - Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! TMR: Wild Card. User Info: godking1556. Giga Stop .